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Towards a collective-adaptive system for self-organized, self-supervised exercise
Incorporating value-sensitive design in the development of an app that encourages exercise via the implementation of gamification and social theory could improve the health of… read more >
Jeremy Pitt, 31st March 2016
Cooperative Route Planning Could Make Driving Slightly Less Terrible For Everyone
IEEE Spectrum, 31st March 2016
Using machine learning to rationally design future electronics materials
Kurzweilai, 31st March 2016
Fitbit for Addicts Could Predict Relapse
IEEE Spectrum, 31st March 2016
London’s air pollution is being monitored by backpack-wearing pigeons
Wired, 30th March 2016
Stanford University’s tiny 7g robots can pull a 1,800kg car
Wired, 30th March 2016
New social robot from MIT helps students learn through personalized interactions
sciencedaily.com, 30th March 2016
Can virtual reality cure phobias?
Guardian, 29th March 2016
Fast Facial Analysis Software Set For Release
Communications of the ACM, 29th March 2016
On the way to intelligent traffic control
Technology Org, 29th March 2016
Evolution of Cooperation in Social Dilemmas on Complex Networks
PLOS Computational Biology, 28th March 2016
Optimus Ride Wants Autonomous Ride-Sharing Without Human Drivers in the Way
IEEE Spectrum, 28th March 2016
New learning procedure for neural networks: Neural networks learn to link temporally dispersed stimuli
sciencedaily.com, 25th March 2016
A Robotic Home That Knows When You’re Hungover
MIT Technology Review, 25th March 2016
Laws of cognition for artificial intelligence
Identifying and studying the fundamental principles that underlie decision making could help us better understand and develop intelligent behaviour. The endeavour to understand natural intelligence… read more >
Daniel Polani, 25th March 2016
China is building a big data platform for “precrime”
Ars Technica, 24th March 2016
The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now
MIT Technology Review, 24th March 2016
EVE Online recruits pilots for real-world genetics research
Wired, 23rd March 2016
Why You Want Your Drone to Have Emotions
IEEE Spectrum, 23rd March 2016
Sony Koov toys are programmable LEGO-style robots
Wired, 23rd March 2016
SRI’s Micro Robots Can Now Manufacture Their Own Tools
IEEE Spectrum, 22nd March 2016
75% of U.S. Drivers Fear Self-Driving Cars, But It’s an Easy Fear to Get Over
IEEE Spectrum, 22nd March 2016
Conversing With Computers
Communications of the ACM, 21st March 2016
First code of conduct for the use of virtual reality established
sciencedaily.com, 21st March 2016
The medium is the messengers
The Economist, 21st March 2016
Self-organization in a decentralized data-sharing system
Document-ranking metrics based on the topology of social-network users in data-sharing systems reduce the effects of malicious agents and provide a rational incentive for participation. Typical… read more >
Babak Esfandiari, 21st March 2016
Nervana Systems Puts Deep Learning AI in the Cloud
IEEE Spectrum, 18th March 2016
Software Agents Begin to Form Personal Rapport with Users
Communications of the ACM, 18th March 2016
The Possibility of Self-Flying Planes
The Atlantic, 17th March 2016
First ‘natural machine’ augmented reality product Meta 2 launches to developers
Kurzweilai, 17th March 2016
‘Chilling Effect’ of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online, Study Says
Motherboard, 16th March 2016
‘Fingerprinting’ and neural nets could help protect power grid, other industrial systems
Kurzweilai, 16th March 2016
Solid foundations for the next generation of communication-based software systems
Analysis techniques based on formal models of communication help to eliminate the errors in software systems that rely on communicating artefacts. From e-banking and e-commerce… read more >
Jorge A. Pérez, 15th March 2016
Facebook launches ‘suicide prevention tool’
Wired, 15th March 2016
Autonomous Nanosatellites: Satellites that Make Up Their Mind
IEEE Spectrum, 15th March 2016
World’s first robot-run farm to open in Japan
Cosmos Magazine, 14th March 2016
Your friends are happier than you, says new equation
Wired, 14th March 2016
Faster airport queues with facial recognition
sciencedaily.com, 11th March 2016
How Google is using dead authors to improve its artificial intelligence
Wired, 11th March 2016
Brain Scan for Artificial Intelligence Shows How Software Thinks
Communications of the ACM, 10th March 2016
How to Build an Unbeatable Poker-Playing Robot
The Atlantic, 9th March 2016
Computers can tell if you’re bored, shows new study
sciencedaily.com, 9th March 2016
Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert on Next-Gen ATLAS: “A Huge Amount of Work”
IEEE Spectrum, 9th March 2016
Cameras know you by your walk
New Scientist, 8th March 2016
Foolish humans blindly follow ‘Emergency Guide’ robots into danger
Wired, 8th March 2016
Automatic programming makes swarm robots safer and more reliable
sciencedaily.com, 7th March 2016
Artificial intelligence ‘should be used to give children one-on-one tutoring’
7th March 2016
AI startup Snips wants to make phones more human
Wired, 7th March 2016
Evaluating Human-Agent Interaction in the Wild
Smart Society Project, 3rd March 2016
Google Has Developed AI That Can Navigate 3D Spaces
Motherboard, 3rd March 2016

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