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This Pervasive Day: The Potential and Perils of Pervasive Computing

Jeremy Pitt

<em>This Pervasive Day</em> explores the potential — and perils — of daily living with pervasive adaptive computing. This is the result of saturating ourselves and our physical environment with sensors, cameras and devices, all connected to and inter-connected by global networks and computers, which can run increasingly intelligent machine-learning and data fusion algorithms on datasets that could be generated by the entire human population.</p><p><em>This Pervasive Day</em> is an insightful read for anyone concerned with the social impact of technology. Written by experienced technologists with a deep interest in computational intelligence, human-computer interaction and ambient systems, This Pervasive Day is a remarkable single source of reference — a fusion of several technical disciplines that makes for a broad scope of investigation within the domains of pervasive computing.</p><p>Unifying, informative and thought-provoking, <em>This Pervasive Day</em> takes its place as a landmark title that will challenge the perceptions of the technologists and policy-makers, the pragmatists and the theorists, the doers and the thought-leaders.

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