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Artificial Life

Latest Articles

Laws of cognition for artificial intelligence
Daniel Polani, 25th March 2016
Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself
The Atlantic, 25th February 2016
Cockroach-like robots may be the future of disaster help
CBS News, 22nd February 2016
Towards building brain-like cognition and control for robots
Robohub, 8th February 2016
Traveling salesman uncorks synthetic biology bottleneck
sciencedaily.com, 20th January 2016
Computer model matches humans at predicting how objects move
Phys.org, 13th January 2016
How we built a robot that can evolve – and why it won’t take over the world
The Conversation, 12th January 2016
Computer Learns to Write Its ABCs
IEEE Spectrum, 31st December 2015
A network of artificial neurons learns to use human language
sciencedaily.com, 24th November 2015
Single Artificial Neuron Taught to Recognize Hundreds of Patterns
MIT Technology Review, 19th November 2015
SpatialOS: Improbable unveils operating system for simulated cities (Wired UK)
Wired, 19th November 2015
Researchers Demonstrate Emergence of Sensorimotor Intelligence in Robots
A to Z of Robotics, 18th November 2015
How big data and The Sims are helping us to build the cities of the future
The Conversation, 9th November 2015
Forget Siri: Here’s a New Way for Robots to Talk
IEEE Spectrum, 6th November 2015
A Robot Uses Specific Simulated Brain Cells to Navigate
MIT Technology Review, 27th October 2015
Watch Artificial Life Evolve as If It Were Real
Motherboard, 14th October 2015
Evolved virtual creatures as content
Robohub, 4th September 2015
Robots Discover How Cooperative Behavior Evolved in Insects
IEEE Spectrum, 31st August 2015
Scientists Find Robots Evolve Quickly and Efficiently after Virtual Mass Extinction
A to Z of Robotics, 24th August 2015
Artificially evolved robots that efficiently self-organize tasks: Eliseo Ferrante and colleagues evolved complex robot behaviors using artificial evolution and detailed robotics simulations.
sciencedaily.com, 17th August 2015
For Sympathetic Ear, More Chinese Turn to Smartphone Program
The New York Times, 5th August 2015
Mother Robots Build Children Robots to Experiment With Artificial Evolution
IEEE Spectrum, 4th August 2015
Watch These Cute Robots Struggle to Become Self-Aware
Motherboard, 28th July 2015
Evolving robot swarm behaviour suggests forgetting may be important to cultural evolution
Robohub, 26th June 2015
Developing a robot that learns from scratch, like a child
sciencedaily.com, 22nd June 2015
How the Internet’s Collective Human Intelligence Could Outsmart AI
Motherboard, 12th June 2015
The Quest for the Brain Chip
EE Times, 22nd May 2015
At the Heart of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence, Human Emotions
WSJ Blogs, 15th May 2015
This Drone Has Artificial Intelligence Modelled on Honey Bee Brains
Motherboard, 28th April 2015
Introducing florarobotica: robots and natural plants as bio-hybrids
Heiko Hamann, 25th March 2015
Researchers Create A Simulated Mouse Brain in a Virtual Mouse Body
33rd Square, 16th March 2015
How complex environments push brain evolution
Kurzweilai, 9th February 2015
Machine assistants learn to run your schedule
New Scientist, 1st January 2015
Researchers Successfully Teach Stick Insect Robot to Walk
A to Z of Robotics, 30th December 2014
AI is different because it lets machines weld the emotional with the physical
Phys.org, 25th December 2014
100-Year Study on Artificial Intelligence Launched
33rd Square, 23rd December 2014
Behaviour Trees as a Basis for Evolutionary Robotics
Technology Org, 10th December 2014
First digital animal will be perfect copy of real worm
New Scientist, 9th December 2014
Singapore Team Develops Eel-Like Robotic Fish
A to Z of Robotics, 8th December 2014
Baby X, The Intelligent Toddler Simulation, Is Getting Smarter Every Day
The Creators Project, 2nd December 2014
Professor proposes alternative to ‘Turing Test’
Phys.org, 27th November 2014
Research Lab To Test Insect-Inspired Robotic Platform In Army Exercise
Technology Org, 17th November 2014
Ant behavior might shed insight on problems facing electronics design
Phys.org, 7th November 2014
Researchers Study Running Birds to Make Better Running Robots
A to Z of Robotics, 6th October 2014
Neuromorphic ‘atomic-switch’ networks function like synapses in the brain
Kurzweilai, 3rd October 2014
Will tomorrow’s robots move like snakes?
Technology Org, 22nd September 2014
Who goes where? Simulated robot boats self-organize to defend against attacks
Robohub, 19th September 2014
Cutting the cord on soft robots
Nanowerk, 19th September 2014
New algorithm enables MIT cheetah robot to run and jump, untethered, across grass
Technology Org, 17th September 2014
Evolution as a self-learning algorithm
Technology Org, 1st September 2014

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