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Autonomic Computing

Latest Articles

Optimus Ride Wants Autonomous Ride-Sharing Without Human Drivers in the Way
IEEE Spectrum, 28th March 2016
Why You Want Your Drone to Have Emotions
IEEE Spectrum, 23rd March 2016
75% of U.S. Drivers Fear Self-Driving Cars, But It’s an Easy Fear to Get Over
IEEE Spectrum, 22nd March 2016
Self-organization in a decentralized data-sharing system
Babak Esfandiari, 21st March 2016
The Possibility of Self-Flying Planes
The Atlantic, 17th March 2016
Solid foundations for the next generation of communication-based software systems
Jorge A. Pérez, 15th March 2016
Autonomous Nanosatellites: Satellites that Make Up Their Mind
IEEE Spectrum, 15th March 2016
Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert on Next-Gen ATLAS: “A Huge Amount of Work”
IEEE Spectrum, 9th March 2016
Foolish humans blindly follow ‘Emergency Guide’ robots into danger
Wired, 8th March 2016
Automatic programming makes swarm robots safer and more reliable
sciencedaily.com, 7th March 2016
Google Has Developed AI That Can Navigate 3D Spaces
Motherboard, 3rd March 2016
Search engines will know what you want … sooner
Phys.org, 2nd March 2016
Enabling human-robot rescue teams
MIT News, 1st March 2016
SocioSpyder: the Tool Bought By the FBI to Monitor Social Media
Motherboard, 29th February 2016
The Missing Link of Artificial Intelligence
MIT Technology Review, 25th February 2016
Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself
The Atlantic, 25th February 2016
Drones Learn to Search Forest Trails for Lost People
Communications of the ACM, 23rd February 2016
Energy-friendly chip can perform powerful artificial-intelligence tasks
Phys.org, 18th February 2016
Scientists build a neural network using plastic memristors
Phys.org, 4th February 2016
Ehang 184: a personal drone car that will probably never exist
Wired, 25th January 2016
A Drone Casually Capturing Another Drone in a Net
Motherboard, 22nd January 2016
When Drones Fill City Skies, They Could Use This System to Avoid Crashing
MIT Technology Review, 20th January 2016
Drone swarms will change the face of modern warfare (Wired UK)
Wired, 15th January 2016
Singapore is building a fully smart city in 2016
Wired, 14th January 2016
How we built a robot that can evolve – and why it won’t take over the world
The Conversation, 12th January 2016
Autonomous Vehicles Learn By Playing Video Games
IEEE Spectrum, 8th January 2016
AI Machine Learns to Drive Using Crowdteaching
MIT Technology Review, 8th January 2016
Controlling negative emergent behaviour with norms
Jan Kantert, 6th January 2016
A Self-Driving Car From Chinese Search Giant Baidu Hits the Road in Beijing
MIT Technology Review, 22nd December 2015
Camera That Tracks Hidden Moving Objects Could Aid Rescue Missions and Avoid Vehicle Collisions
IEEE Spectrum, 10th December 2015
Cars Could Follow the Flight of the Bumblebee
IEEE Spectrum, 9th December 2015
Why Bartenders Have to Ignore Some Signals
Communications of the ACM, 7th December 2015
What ‘Smart Cities’ Can Do To Avoid Getting Hacked
Motherboard, 25th November 2015
Bumblebees Are Teaching Smart Cars How To Drive
Motherboard, 23rd November 2015
MIT Drone Flies Autonomously While Avoiding Obstacles
IEEE Spectrum, 12th November 2015
Self repairing city: Robots and drones made in Leeds to repair potholes and street lights
5th November 2015
The City That Has Its Own Operating System
Motherboard, 2nd November 2015
Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill
MIT Technology Review, 27th October 2015
Computer Count of Huge Crowds Now Possible
IEEE Spectrum, 27th October 2015
Automating big-data analysis
MIT News, 23rd October 2015
Training Robots to Fall Safely
MIT Technology Review, 21st October 2015
Toyota Becomes Largest Car Company to Test Driverless Cars on Public Roads
IEEE Spectrum, 15th October 2015
Google engineer’s swarm of mini robots could be the future of exploring Mars, and much more
Tech Republic, 14th October 2015
Honda Using Experimental New ASIMO for Disaster Response Research
IEEE Spectrum, 13th October 2015
Towards self‐aware smart camera collectives
Lukas Esterle, 12th October 2015
A Car That Knows What the Driver Will Do Next
MIT Technology Review, 12th October 2015
SWARMs to Integrate Autonomous Vehicles for Infrastructure Operations in Deep Water
A to Z of Robotics, 9th October 2015
Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicles are Getting Smarter
A to Z of Robotics, 2nd October 2015
Clearpath’s OTTO Robot Can Autonomously Haul a Ton of Stuff
IEEE Spectrum, 30th September 2015
How Google’s Self-Driving Cars May Handle the Toughest Situations
Washington Post, 23rd September 2015

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