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Biologically-Inspired Computing

Latest Articles

Stanford University’s tiny 7g robots can pull a 1,800kg car
Wired, 30th March 2016
New learning procedure for neural networks: Neural networks learn to link temporally dispersed stimuli
sciencedaily.com, 25th March 2016
Laws of cognition for artificial intelligence
Daniel Polani, 25th March 2016
Why You Want Your Drone to Have Emotions
IEEE Spectrum, 23rd March 2016
Nervana Systems Puts Deep Learning AI in the Cloud
IEEE Spectrum, 18th March 2016
‘Fingerprinting’ and neural nets could help protect power grid, other industrial systems
Kurzweilai, 16th March 2016
How Google is using dead authors to improve its artificial intelligence
Wired, 11th March 2016
Brain Scan for Artificial Intelligence Shows How Software Thinks
Communications of the ACM, 10th March 2016
Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert on Next-Gen ATLAS: “A Huge Amount of Work”
IEEE Spectrum, 9th March 2016
Google Has Developed AI That Can Navigate 3D Spaces
Motherboard, 3rd March 2016
The Missing Link of Artificial Intelligence
MIT Technology Review, 25th February 2016
Digital Baby Project’s Aim: Computers That See Like Humans
IEEE Spectrum, 24th February 2016
Drones Learn to Search Forest Trails for Lost People
Communications of the ACM, 23rd February 2016
Cockroach-like robots may be the future of disaster help
CBS News, 22nd February 2016
Energy-friendly chip can perform powerful artificial-intelligence tasks
Phys.org, 18th February 2016
CMU announces research project to reverse-engineer brain algorithms, funded by IARPA
Kurzweilai, 12th February 2016
Towards building brain-like cognition and control for robots
Robohub, 8th February 2016
Scientists build a neural network using plastic memristors
Phys.org, 4th February 2016
Next Big Test for AI: Making Sense of the World
MIT Technology Review, 4th February 2016
Harvard awarded £19m to build brain-inspired artificial intelligence
Wired, 3rd February 2016
The race for the master algorithm has begun
Wired, 3rd February 2016
The Unreasonable Reputation of Neural Networks
[thinking machines], 29th January 2016
Why evolution may be intelligent, based on deep learning
Kurzweilai, 26th January 2016
What powers Facebook and Google’s AI – and how computers could mimic brains
The Conversation, 21st January 2016
Now AI Machines Are Learning to Understand Stories
MIT Technology Review, 12th January 2016
Gary Marcus, A Deep Learning Dissenter, Thinks He Has a More Powerful AI Approach
MIT Technology Review, 11th January 2016
Machines That Learn Like People
Electronic Component News, 7th January 2016
GPU-Accelerated Deep Neural Nets Look for Cures that Already Exist
HPCWire, 23rd December 2015
Tensor Flow, Google’s AI Engine, Gains Traction Outside the Company
MIT Technology Review, 21st December 2015
How Facebook’s AI Researchers Built a Game-Changing Go Engine
MIT Technology Review, 16th December 2015
Startup Wants to be the ARM of Neuromorphic Cores
EE Times, 14th December 2015
Cars Could Follow the Flight of the Bumblebee
IEEE Spectrum, 9th December 2015
Army ants’ ‘living’ bridges suggest collective intelligence
Kurzweilai, 2nd December 2015
Our Robotic Children: The Ethics of Creating Intelligent Life
MIT Technology Review, 30th November 2015
A network of artificial neurons learns to use human language
sciencedaily.com, 24th November 2015
Bumblebees Are Teaching Smart Cars How To Drive
Motherboard, 23rd November 2015
Single Artificial Neuron Taught to Recognize Hundreds of Patterns
MIT Technology Review, 19th November 2015
A Robotic Toddler Uses Deep Learning to Walk
MIT Technology Review, 12th November 2015
Bioinspired robotics #1: Swarm collectives, with Radhika Nagpal
Robohub, 4th November 2015
A Robot Uses Specific Simulated Brain Cells to Navigate
MIT Technology Review, 27th October 2015
Trust-aware Elastic Social Compute Units
Smart Society Project, 19th October 2015
Frogs resolve computing issues
sciencedaily.com, 15th October 2015
Elementary: Watson, IBM’s attempt to crack the market for artificial intelligence, is starting to be tested in the real world
The Economist, 12th October 2015
Darwin on a chip: New electronic circuits mimic natural networks like the human brain: Researchers develop (r)evolutionary circuits
sciencedaily.com, 1st October 2015
IBM harnesses the power of the rodent for its latest AI chip
TechRadar, 31st August 2015
Robots Discover How Cooperative Behavior Evolved in Insects
IEEE Spectrum, 31st August 2015
Antlike robots might help explain origins of cooperation
Science, 26th August 2015
Fireflies predict network loyalty
Electronic Component News, 24th August 2015
Scientists Find Robots Evolve Quickly and Efficiently after Virtual Mass Extinction
A to Z of Robotics, 24th August 2015
Darwinian thinking lets robots evolve
The Tulane Hullabaloo, 21st August 2015

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