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Complex Systems

Latest Articles

Cooperative Route Planning Could Make Driving Slightly Less Terrible For Everyone
IEEE Spectrum, 31st March 2016
On the way to intelligent traffic control
Technology Org, 29th March 2016
Evolution of Cooperation in Social Dilemmas on Complex Networks
PLOS Computational Biology, 28th March 2016
China is building a big data platform for “precrime”
Ars Technica, 24th March 2016
Solid foundations for the next generation of communication-based software systems
Jorge A. Pérez, 15th March 2016
How to Build an Unbeatable Poker-Playing Robot
The Atlantic, 9th March 2016
Search engines will know what you want … sooner
Phys.org, 2nd March 2016
Interactive Social Agents from Deep Data
Smart Society Project, 1st March 2016
Team first to solve well-known game theory scenario
Phys.org, 1st March 2016
Enabling human-robot rescue teams
MIT News, 1st March 2016
Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems
sciencedaily.com, 24th February 2016
Drones Learn to Search Forest Trails for Lost People
Communications of the ACM, 23rd February 2016
Pic-scanning AI estimates city air pollution from mass of photos
New Scientist, 19th February 2016
The future will be built on open data – here’s why
The Conversation, 18th February 2016
Computer science meets economics
MIT News, 16th February 2016
New algorithm improves speed, accuracy of pedestrian detection
sciencedaily.com, 15th February 2016
Planning for a disease outbreak? There’s a game for that.
11th February 2016
Recognizing correct code
MIT News, 8th February 2016
The race for the master algorithm has begun
Wired, 3rd February 2016
The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’
Washington Post, 25th January 2016
Internet of Things brings new era of weather forecasting
22nd January 2016
Traveling salesman uncorks synthetic biology bottleneck
sciencedaily.com, 20th January 2016
Computer model matches humans at predicting how objects move
Phys.org, 13th January 2016
Algorithm Solves Graph Isomorphism in Record Time | Quanta Magazine
11th January 2016
Behind the Scenes: How Technology Turns Consumer Data into Actionable Insights
MIT Technology Review, 8th January 2016
How Machines Write Poetry
Motherboard, 5th January 2016
Improving machine learning with an old approach
Phys.org, 5th January 2016
Tensor Flow, Google’s AI Engine, Gains Traction Outside the Company
MIT Technology Review, 21st December 2015
Wikipedia-Mining Algorithm Reveals World’s Most Influential Universities
MIT Technology Review, 15th December 2015
Twitter data can make roads safer during inclement weather
Technology Org, 13th December 2015
Digital currency for green energy can boost the renewable economy
Mihail Mihaylov, 10th December 2015
What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? Let an Algorithm Tell You
Motherboard, 9th December 2015
How Uber Controls Its Drivers Despite Its Claims to Be a Neutral Platform
MIT Technology Review, 4th December 2015
Google search now understands syntactically complex questions
Wired, 30th November 2015
In Increasingly Sophisticated Climate Models, Uncertainty Lurks
MIT Technology Review, 26th November 2015
‘Shrinking bull’s-eye’ algorithm speeds up complex modeling from days to hours
Phys.org, 25th November 2015
Machine Learning Could Help Video Game Water Look Better Than Ever
Motherboard, 23rd November 2015
Single Artificial Neuron Taught to Recognize Hundreds of Patterns
MIT Technology Review, 19th November 2015
SpatialOS: Improbable unveils operating system for simulated cities (Wired UK)
Wired, 19th November 2015
Google Offers Free Software in Bid to Gain an Edge in Machine Learning
Bits - The New York Times, 12th November 2015
How big data and The Sims are helping us to build the cities of the future
The Conversation, 9th November 2015
Computer Count of Huge Crowds Now Possible
IEEE Spectrum, 27th October 2015
Automating big-data analysis
MIT News, 23rd October 2015
Why slowing down London’s subway could make it more efficient
TechXplore, 19th October 2015
Predictive policing substantially reduces crime in Los Angeles during months-long test
sciencedaily.com, 16th October 2015
Earthquake artificial intelligence knows where damage is worst
New Scientist, 12th October 2015
Shortcut math predicts tsunami height quickly
Science News, 8th October 2015
The Fuzzy Logic of Fleeing for Your Life
IEEE Spectrum, 6th October 2015
Today’s Outlook: GPU-accelerated Weather Forecasting
HPCWire, 25th September 2015
King – Man + Woman = Queen: The Marvelous Mathematics of Computational Linguistics
MIT Technology Review, 24th September 2015

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