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Evolutionary Computing

Latest Articles

Digital Baby Project’s Aim: Computers That See Like Humans
IEEE Spectrum, 24th February 2016
Why evolution may be intelligent, based on deep learning
Kurzweilai, 26th January 2016
How we built a robot that can evolve – and why it won’t take over the world
The Conversation, 12th January 2016
A Robotic Toddler Uses Deep Learning to Walk
MIT Technology Review, 12th November 2015
Darwin on a chip: New electronic circuits mimic natural networks like the human brain: Researchers develop (r)evolutionary circuits
sciencedaily.com, 1st October 2015
Now autonomous robots can learn from their mistakes in real-time
TechRadar, 11th September 2015
Evolved virtual creatures as content
Robohub, 4th September 2015
How Automating Evolution Could Give Machines Imaginations
Motherboard, 2nd September 2015
Robots Discover How Cooperative Behavior Evolved in Insects
IEEE Spectrum, 31st August 2015
Scientists Find Robots Evolve Quickly and Efficiently after Virtual Mass Extinction
A to Z of Robotics, 24th August 2015
Darwinian thinking lets robots evolve
The Tulane Hullabaloo, 21st August 2015
Evolution of Self-Organized Task Specialization in Robot Swarms
PLOS Computational Biology, 18th August 2015
Artificially evolved robots that efficiently self-organize tasks: Eliseo Ferrante and colleagues evolved complex robot behaviors using artificial evolution and detailed robotics simulations.
sciencedaily.com, 17th August 2015
Study Shows Co-operative Robots Learn and Adapt Quickly Through Natural Language
Communications of the ACM, 13th August 2015
Mother Robots Build Children Robots to Experiment With Artificial Evolution
IEEE Spectrum, 4th August 2015
Who Will Own the Robots?
MIT Technology Review, 7th July 2015
This AI Used ‘Neuroevolution’ to Teach Itself How to Play ‘Super Mario World’
Motherboard, 6th July 2015
Evolving robot swarm behaviour suggests forgetting may be important to cultural evolution
Robohub, 26th June 2015
Why we fell out of love with algorithms inspired by nature
The Conversation, 18th June 2015
How the Internet’s Collective Human Intelligence Could Outsmart AI
Motherboard, 12th June 2015
Damage Recovery Algorithm Could Make All Robots Unstoppable
IEEE Spectrum, 12th June 2015
Robots master skills with ‘deep learning’ technique
Kurzweilai, 28th May 2015
DARPA Aims to Create Software That Can Evolve Over 100 Years
33rd Square, 29th April 2015
Computers that mimic the function of the brain
sciencedaily.com, 10th April 2015
Introducing florarobotica: robots and natural plants as bio-hybrids
Heiko Hamann, 25th March 2015
Optical fibers light the way for brain-like computing
sciencedaily.com, 23rd March 2015
Totally Autonomous Cars May Not Evolve From Semi-Autonomous Ones
IEEE Spectrum, 19th February 2015
How complex environments push brain evolution
Kurzweilai, 9th February 2015
‘Design Mining’ Reimagines Engineering with Evolution and Neural Networking
Motherboard, 30th January 2015
Behaviour Trees as a Basis for Evolutionary Robotics
Technology Org, 10th December 2014
Are Biological Building Blocks the Secret to Machine Consciousness ?
Motherboard, 1st November 2014
Evolution as a self-learning algorithm
Technology Org, 1st September 2014
What kind of game does evolution play?
Technology Org, 19th August 2014
ShanghAI Lectures: Barbara Webb “AI – Artificial Insects”
Robohub, 15th August 2014
If courts are going to treat corporations like humans, they should do the same for robots
Slate, 12th August 2014
Estimating the Energy Cost of (Artificial) Evolution
The MIT Press, 30th July 2014
Defending the grand vision of the Human Brain Project
New Scientist, 15th July 2014
Ray Kurzweil on Biologically Inspired Models of Intelligence
33rd Square, 1st July 2014
The Incredible Challenge of Digitizing the Human Brain
Motherboard, 27th June 2014
Neuromorphic Computing Gets Ready for the (Really) Big Time
Communications of the ACM, 18th June 2014
Can Software Suffer? The Complicated Ethics of Brain Emulation
Scientific Computing, 10th June 2014
Using Evolution To Advance Intelligent Robots
33rd Square, 8th May 2014
Mating strategies: Robocopulation
The Economist, 5th May 2014
Steve Omohundro Urges Preventing an Autonomous Weapons Arms Race
33rd Square, 21st April 2014
Researcher uses Cyber Rodents to study evolution
Gizmag, 15th April 2014
Darwin’s robots: Survival of the fittest digital brain
New Scientist, 9th February 2014
How robots learn general skills
Phys.org, 9th February 2014
This is What Happens When You Teach Machines the Power of Natural Selection
The Daily Beast, 1st February 2014
Gaming group NaturalMotion began in Oxford’s zoology department
Financial Times, 31st January 2014
New object recognition algorithm learns on the fly
Gizmag, 19th January 2014

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