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Machine Learning

Latest Articles

The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now
MIT Technology Review, 24th March 2016
Nervana Systems Puts Deep Learning AI in the Cloud
IEEE Spectrum, 18th March 2016
How Google is using dead authors to improve its artificial intelligence
Wired, 11th March 2016
Brain Scan for Artificial Intelligence Shows How Software Thinks
Communications of the ACM, 10th March 2016
How to Build an Unbeatable Poker-Playing Robot
The Atlantic, 9th March 2016
Cameras know you by your walk
New Scientist, 8th March 2016
Artificial intelligence ‘should be used to give children one-on-one tutoring’
7th March 2016
AI startup Snips wants to make phones more human
Wired, 7th March 2016
Google Has Developed AI That Can Navigate 3D Spaces
Motherboard, 3rd March 2016
The Missing Link of Artificial Intelligence
MIT Technology Review, 25th February 2016
Digital Baby Project’s Aim: Computers That See Like Humans
IEEE Spectrum, 24th February 2016
Drones Learn to Search Forest Trails for Lost People
Communications of the ACM, 23rd February 2016
Pic-scanning AI estimates city air pollution from mass of photos
New Scientist, 19th February 2016
Energy-friendly chip can perform powerful artificial-intelligence tasks
Phys.org, 18th February 2016
CMU announces research project to reverse-engineer brain algorithms, funded by IARPA
Kurzweilai, 12th February 2016
A Deep Learning AI Chip for Your Phone
IEEE Spectrum, 12th February 2016
Machine Learning, Social Media Data Help Spot Flooded Areas
Network World, 11th February 2016
Computational Learning Techniques Becoming Mainstream
Communications of the ACM, 10th February 2016
Super Mario gets social intelligence
sciencedaily.com, 10th February 2016
Towards building brain-like cognition and control for robots
Robohub, 8th February 2016
Next Big Test for AI: Making Sense of the World
MIT Technology Review, 4th February 2016
Harvard awarded £19m to build brain-inspired artificial intelligence
Wired, 3rd February 2016
The race for the master algorithm has begun
Wired, 3rd February 2016
Robust optimization in self-organizing power management
Hella Seebach, 2nd February 2016
How One Intelligent Machine Learned to Recognize Human Emotions
MIT Technology Review, 2nd February 2016
IHMC’s ATLAS Robot Learning to Do Some Chores
IEEE Spectrum, 2nd February 2016
Affective computing: how ’emotional machines’ are about to take over our lives
The Telegraph, 1st February 2016
Google achieves AI ‘breakthrough’ by beating Go champion – BBC News
BBC News, 29th January 2016
The Unreasonable Reputation of Neural Networks
[thinking machines], 29th January 2016
IBM’s Latest Patent Trove Looks to Make Computers More Humanlike
Motherboard, 27th January 2016
Why evolution may be intelligent, based on deep learning
Kurzweilai, 26th January 2016
When Drones Fill City Skies, They Could Use This System to Avoid Crashing
MIT Technology Review, 20th January 2016
Machines, Lost In Translation: The Dream Of Universal Understanding
18th January 2016
Machine learning will keep us healthy longer
Wired, 18th January 2016
AI Algorithm Identifies Humorous Pictures
MIT Technology Review, 14th January 2016
Now AI Machines Are Learning to Understand Stories
MIT Technology Review, 12th January 2016
How we built a robot that can evolve – and why it won’t take over the world
The Conversation, 12th January 2016
Gary Marcus, A Deep Learning Dissenter, Thinks He Has a More Powerful AI Approach
MIT Technology Review, 11th January 2016
Autonomous Vehicles Learn By Playing Video Games
IEEE Spectrum, 8th January 2016
AI Machine Learns to Drive Using Crowdteaching
MIT Technology Review, 8th January 2016
Machines That Learn Like People
Electronic Component News, 7th January 2016
How Machines Write Poetry
Motherboard, 5th January 2016
Improving machine learning with an old approach
Phys.org, 5th January 2016
Computer Learns to Write Its ABCs
IEEE Spectrum, 31st December 2015
GPU-Accelerated Deep Neural Nets Look for Cures that Already Exist
HPCWire, 23rd December 2015
Tensor Flow, Google’s AI Engine, Gains Traction Outside the Company
MIT Technology Review, 21st December 2015
A Billion-Dollar Effort to Make a Kinder AI
MIT Technology Review, 17th December 2015
How Facebook’s AI Researchers Built a Game-Changing Go Engine
MIT Technology Review, 16th December 2015
How does my therapist rate? New machine-learning software detects empathy in therapy sessions
Phys.org, 13th December 2015
What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? Let an Algorithm Tell You
Motherboard, 9th December 2015

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