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Personal Robotics

Latest Articles

New social robot from MIT helps students learn through personalized interactions
sciencedaily.com, 30th March 2016
A Robotic Home That Knows When You’re Hungover
MIT Technology Review, 25th March 2016
The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now
MIT Technology Review, 24th March 2016
Why You Want Your Drone to Have Emotions
IEEE Spectrum, 23rd March 2016
75% of U.S. Drivers Fear Self-Driving Cars, But It’s an Easy Fear to Get Over
IEEE Spectrum, 22nd March 2016
Conversing With Computers
Communications of the ACM, 21st March 2016
Software Agents Begin to Form Personal Rapport with Users
Communications of the ACM, 18th March 2016
Boston Dynamics’ Marc Raibert on Next-Gen ATLAS: “A Huge Amount of Work”
IEEE Spectrum, 9th March 2016
Foolish humans blindly follow ‘Emergency Guide’ robots into danger
Wired, 8th March 2016
AI startup Snips wants to make phones more human
Wired, 7th March 2016
Interactive Social Agents from Deep Data
Smart Society Project, 1st March 2016
Teacher robots are coming but they are not who you think
Cosmos Magazine, 29th February 2016
Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity
IEEE Spectrum, 22nd February 2016
A virtual “guide dog” for navigation
MIT News, 16th February 2016
A Deep Learning AI Chip for Your Phone
IEEE Spectrum, 12th February 2016
Towards building brain-like cognition and control for robots
Robohub, 8th February 2016
This Robot Changes How It Looks at You to Match Your Personality
IEEE Spectrum, 5th February 2016
How One Intelligent Machine Learned to Recognize Human Emotions
MIT Technology Review, 2nd February 2016
Affective computing: how ’emotional machines’ are about to take over our lives
The Telegraph, 1st February 2016
IBM’s Latest Patent Trove Looks to Make Computers More Humanlike
Motherboard, 27th January 2016
What powers Facebook and Google’s AI – and how computers could mimic brains
The Conversation, 21st January 2016
Machines, Lost In Translation: The Dream Of Universal Understanding
18th January 2016
Erica, the ‘most beautiful and intelligent’ android, leads Japan’s robot revolution
Guardian, 15th January 2016
Robots Don’t Just Want to Be Your Helper, They Want to Be Your Friend
Motherboard, 7th January 2016
Researchers Investigate Role of Interactive Robots in Language Learning
A to Z of Robotics, 7th January 2016
Social, telepresence robots revealed by scientists
sciencedaily.com, 6th January 2016
As Aging Population Grows, So Do Robotic Health Aides
Communications of the ACM, 16th December 2015
Cars Could Follow the Flight of the Bumblebee
IEEE Spectrum, 9th December 2015
A Digital Agent to Manage Your Travel
Communications of the ACM, 8th December 2015
Life with robots: ‘What people enjoy most is avoiding social interaction’
Guardian, 7th December 2015
Why Bartenders Have to Ignore Some Signals
Communications of the ACM, 7th December 2015
Robot to help passengers find their way at airport
sciencedaily.com, 2nd December 2015
Facebook and Google Now Let You Erase Your Ex, Just Like in Black Mirror
Motherboard, 1st December 2015
A Team of Robots May Learn to Grasp a Million Objects
MIT Technology Review, 27th November 2015
Smart Reply: Google’s machine learning can now reply to your emails
Wired, 16th November 2015
Disney Software Makes It Easy to Design and Print Custom Walking Robots
IEEE Spectrum, 13th November 2015
Forget Siri: Here’s a New Way for Robots to Talk
IEEE Spectrum, 6th November 2015
Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill
MIT Technology Review, 27th October 2015
Humans prefer ‘flawed’ robots, study finds
The Telegraph, 26th October 2015
Yelp’s Using Image Search to Change How It Finds You a Bar
Wired, 23rd October 2015
‘Psychic robot’ will know what you really meant to do
sciencedaily.com, 16th October 2015
Toyota Becomes Largest Car Company to Test Driverless Cars on Public Roads
IEEE Spectrum, 15th October 2015
A Car That Knows What the Driver Will Do Next
MIT Technology Review, 12th October 2015
New Research on Household Robots Could Lay Groundwork for Assistive Technologies
A to Z of Robotics, 9th October 2015
Facebook’s Experimental Answer to Siri
MIT Technology Review, 7th October 2015
Mind your manners, robot: How social cues influence human-robot interaction
sciencedaily.com, 5th October 2015
Inside DARPA’s Attempts to Engineer a Futuristic Super-Soldier
The Atlantic, 1st October 2015
How Google’s Self-Driving Cars May Handle the Toughest Situations
Washington Post, 23rd September 2015
Robot Launch global robotics startup competition announces top 15 finalists
Robohub, 21st September 2015
A humanoid robot to liaise between space station crews
sciencedaily.com, 17th September 2015

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