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Social Computation

Latest Articles

Fast Facial Analysis Software Set For Release
Communications of the ACM, 29th March 2016
Evolution of Cooperation in Social Dilemmas on Complex Networks
PLOS Computational Biology, 28th March 2016
The medium is the messengers
The Economist, 21st March 2016
Self-organization in a decentralized data-sharing system
Babak Esfandiari, 21st March 2016
‘Chilling Effect’ of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online, Study Says
Motherboard, 16th March 2016
Facebook launches ‘suicide prevention tool’
Wired, 15th March 2016
Your friends are happier than you, says new equation
Wired, 14th March 2016
Computers can tell if you’re bored, shows new study
sciencedaily.com, 9th March 2016
Artificial intelligence ‘should be used to give children one-on-one tutoring’
7th March 2016
Interactive Social Agents from Deep Data
Smart Society Project, 1st March 2016
Teacher robots are coming but they are not who you think
Cosmos Magazine, 29th February 2016
Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity
IEEE Spectrum, 22nd February 2016
Social internet-based activities important for healthy aging
sciencedaily.com, 19th February 2016
A virtual “guide dog” for navigation
MIT News, 16th February 2016
Virtual therapy ‘helps with depression’, researchers say
BBC News, 15th February 2016
Machine Learning, Social Media Data Help Spot Flooded Areas
Network World, 11th February 2016
Anonymous browsing hinders online dating signals
sciencedaily.com, 11th February 2016
Super Mario gets social intelligence
sciencedaily.com, 10th February 2016
Smartphones may decrease sedentary time, increase activity, study finds
sciencedaily.com, 5th February 2016
TotalEmotion to revolutionize digital user interaction with emotion analysis software
Technology Org, 28th January 2016
Facebook ‘tests loyalty’ by purposefully crashing app
Wired, 21st January 2016
Machines, Lost In Translation: The Dream Of Universal Understanding
18th January 2016
Machine learning will keep us healthy longer
Wired, 18th January 2016
Behind the Scenes: How Technology Turns Consumer Data into Actionable Insights
MIT Technology Review, 8th January 2016
Smartphone Keyboard Teaches While You Text
IEEE Spectrum, 8th December 2015
Goodbye apps, hello smart agents: Are you ready for the post-app world?
TechRadar, 3rd December 2015
Study: Words can deceive, but tone of voice cannot
Phys.org, 2nd December 2015
Facebook and Google Now Let You Erase Your Ex, Just Like in Black Mirror
Motherboard, 1st December 2015
From meh to ugh, facial emotion in pic pegged by Microsoft tool
TechXplore, 24th November 2015
Social media offers neuroscientists a treasure trove of research material
sciencedaily.com, 24th November 2015
Machine Vision Algorithm Learns to Recognize Hidden Facial Expressions
MIT Technology Review, 20th November 2015
New traffic app and disaster prevention technology road tested
CORDIS, 16th November 2015
Facebook’s Magic Formula for Determining Your 9 Top Friends
Motherboard, 13th November 2015
Google Searches Put Consumers at Risk
The Atlantic, 11th November 2015
Eating, Running, Commuting: How Your Device Knows Your Life through Images
MIT Technology Review, 3rd November 2015
How Your Smartphone Can Detect Bipolar Disorder
MIT Technology Review, 20th October 2015
Trust-aware Elastic Social Compute Units
Smart Society Project, 19th October 2015
Predictive policing substantially reduces crime in Los Angeles during months-long test
sciencedaily.com, 16th October 2015
Microsoft Researchers Test Multi-Person Mixed Reality
MIT Technology Review, 16th October 2015
Frogs resolve computing issues
sciencedaily.com, 15th October 2015
On What Facebook Knows–An Interview With the Man Behind Facebook’s Personality Experiment
Communications of the ACM, 13th October 2015
Facebook’s Experimental Answer to Siri
MIT Technology Review, 7th October 2015
A Match.com for Carpooling?
IEEE Spectrum, 6th October 2015
New Crypto Tool Makes Anonymous Surveys Truly Anonymous
Wired, 2nd October 2015
Using Artificial Intelligence to Police the Bullies on League of Legends
MIT Technology Review, 22nd September 2015
Six Recent Trends in Robotics and Their Implications
IEEE Spectrum, 16th September 2015
The Website That Visualizes Human Activity in Cities Across the World
MIT Technology Review, 15th September 2015
Smartphones Can Detect Boredom and Push Content to Relieve It
MIT Technology Review, 14th September 2015
Grand illusions
The Economist, 7th September 2015
Facebook announces a new digital assistant, ‘M’
Gigaom, 4th September 2015

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