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Swarm Robotics

Latest Articles

Stanford University’s tiny 7g robots can pull a 1,800kg car
Wired, 30th March 2016
Automatic programming makes swarm robots safer and more reliable
sciencedaily.com, 7th March 2016
Computer Scientists Achieve Breakthrough In Pheromone-Based Swarm Communications In Robots
Electronic Component News, 3rd December 2015
Army ants’ ‘living’ bridges suggest collective intelligence
Kurzweilai, 2nd December 2015
Swarming Space for Science
Technology Org, 9th November 2015
Bioinspired robotics #1: Swarm collectives, with Radhika Nagpal
Robohub, 4th November 2015
Robot swarms will explore the waterways of Venice
Fox News, 21st October 2015
Google engineer’s swarm of mini robots could be the future of exploring Mars, and much more
Tech Republic, 14th October 2015
SWARMs to Integrate Autonomous Vehicles for Infrastructure Operations in Deep Water
A to Z of Robotics, 9th October 2015
Six Recent Trends in Robotics and Their Implications
IEEE Spectrum, 16th September 2015
Robots Discover How Cooperative Behavior Evolved in Insects
IEEE Spectrum, 31st August 2015
Antlike robots might help explain origins of cooperation
Science, 26th August 2015
Evolution of Self-Organized Task Specialization in Robot Swarms
PLOS Computational Biology, 18th August 2015
A Programming Language For Robot Swarms
MIT Technology Review, 7th August 2015
Evolving robot swarm behaviour suggests forgetting may be important to cultural evolution
Robohub, 26th June 2015
Air Force developing swarms of mini-drones
Electronic Component News, 3rd June 2015
Control a robot fleet with your fingertips
Futurity, 26th May 2015
World’s Largest Swarm of Miniature Robot Submarines
IEEE Spectrum, 15th May 2015
Videos: Robotic Kitchen, Swarming Drones, and Robots Want Your Blood
IEEE Spectrum, 6th May 2015
Swarming UAVs fly into the future
Electronic Component News, 23rd April 2015
Festo’s Fantastical Insectoid Robots Include Bionic Ants and Butterflies
IEEE Spectrum, 1st April 2015
Andrew Bate’s Swarmfarm Robotics finds a more efficeint way to spray weeds
30th March 2015
Commanding the Swarm
War on the Rocks, 26th March 2015
Introducing florarobotica: robots and natural plants as bio-hybrids
Heiko Hamann, 25th March 2015
Robotics Researchers Look To Animals To Make The Perfect Bots
Worldcrunch, 23rd March 2015
Surgical micro-robot swarms: Science fiction, or realistic prospect?
Robohub, 18th March 2015
The Human Intranet — Where Swarms and Humans Meet
IEEE Computer Society, 17th March 2015
Robotic Replicas Help Explore Information Flow Involved in Collective Animal Behaviors
A to Z of Robotics, 24th February 2015
The Creepy Collective Behavior of Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Dog
Wired, 20th February 2015
MIT’s entry in Dubai’s ‘Drones For Good’ contest is a drone swarm that can land on water
BetaBoston, 17th February 2015
Autonomous quadcopter has smartphone brain
IEEE Spectrum, 12th February 2015
Distributed Exploration with a Robot Swarm
ASCENS Project, 5th February 2015
Research on Brain-Machine Connections to Control Multiple UAVs Receives DARPA Grant
A to Z of Robotics, 14th January 2015
Swarming the Battlefield
Defense News, 13th January 2015
Super-intelligent robots could soon fight our wars – but here’s how we’ll stop them turning against us
Robohub, 9th January 2015
Radhika Nagpal, expert on swarm robotics, celebrated among “Nature’s 10”
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 23rd December 2014
Insect Swarms Go Critical
Physics, 22nd December 2014
4 Converging (Enabling) Technologies
Medium, 3rd December 2014
Ant behavior might shed insight on problems facing electronics design
Phys.org, 7th November 2014
‘Swarms of Cooperative, Autonomous’ Robots to Hit Battlefields
Washington Free Beacon, 31st October 2014
The making of an Ant Intelligent Robot (AIR)
Robohub, 15th October 2014
Navy Demonstrates Swarm Of Armed Robot Boats
Popular Science, 13th October 2014
Swarms Of Mouse-Sized Robots Scurry To Maintain The Nation’s Bridges
Popular Science, 1st October 2014
Colias: tiny, low-cost, autonomous swarming robots
Gizmag, 29th September 2014
Who goes where? Simulated robot boats self-organize to defend against attacks
Robohub, 19th September 2014
NASA Training ‘Swarmie’ Robots for Space Mining
IEEE Spectrum, 26th August 2014
Thousand-robot swarm self-assembles into arbitrary shapes
Robohub, 20th August 2014
Spaceflight to launch network for communicating with tiny satellites
Gigaom, 6th August 2014
Astronauts to test free-flying “housekeeper” robots
Phys.org, 28th July 2014
Drone lighting
Nanowerk, 24th July 2014

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